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Data Entry  
*Sales Bill Entry Credit/Cash Mode *Sales Check List *Sales Control Menu for multi User *Sales Adjustment *Sales Locking Facilities *Sales Returns with sales bill *Credit Note *Purchase Entry Credit/Cash Model *Purchase Challan *Purchase Check List *Purchase Order *Purchase Adjustment *Purchase Return *Expiry Replacement *Receipt ( Cash/Bank) *Payment ( Cash / Bank) *Contra Voucher *Journal Voucher *Collection and PDC Cheque Management Facility *Stock Adjustment *Party/Ledger Creation On line/off line mode *Purchase/Adjustment Entry facility during sale *Single Key Pressing Party Ledger Vewing During Sales.
*Productwise Stock *Productwise-Batchwise stock *Companywise Stock *Rackwise Stock *Compositionwise Stock *Non-Moving Stock *Expired Stock *Stock Analysis *Auto Expiry Depending on Purchase *Auto Order Generation To More Profitable Purchase *Productwise-Batchwise Trial (In-Out Statement) *Productwise Sales *Companywise Sales *Partiwise Productwise Sales *Companywise-Productwise Sales *Buyers Statements *Purchase statements *Productwise Purchase *Companywise Purchase *Productwise Partiwise Purchase *Companywise-Productwise Purchase *Sellers Statement *Due Purchase Bills *Statement for Adjustment *Day Activities at a glance
General Accounting  
*Primary books *Journal Book *Receipt-Payment Statements *Sundry Debtors/Creditors Balance: #Regionwise #Namewise *Trial Balance ( Comperative / As on Mode) *Trading accounts *Profit & loss account *Bank Reconciliation *Cheque Register *Profit Analysis #Sales Billwise #Companywise #Productwise #Company & Productwise #MonthwiseWise #Datewise *Sales Ageing (Productwise) *Credutors Due Ageing *Regionwise Monthwise Sales
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